Read what our customers have to say about On The Go wipes!

Absolutely adore this product. I wouldn’t be able to workout before work if it wasn’t for them! Quick, easy, and allows you to not feel gross after getting your butt handed to you at the gym!
— @TarponSlayer
When I am working driving long hours, it’s not possible for me to just stop and take a shower. Those “other” body sprays only masks your odor and it doesn’t cleanse or cool you down like On The Go’s body wipes. Or when I like to get in a quick workout before work or school where a shower is not needed, On The Go Towels shower wipes are just what I need to get the job done. Conveniently packaged with a generous sized wipe, I now take them with me everywhere I go.
— Calvin K. (Garden Grove, CA)
Some days it’s a quick workout and no shower. Thanks to On The Go Towels, I can be clean and deodorized in minutes. What i like about circuit training is the same with On The Go’s shower wipes, both can be accomplished in a short amount of time with a feeling of fresh clean energy.
— Bill G. (Las Vegas, NV)
As an entertainer these wipes consistently provide me with a quick way to sanitize and clean before and after a show ...keep these in my glove box just like my insurance and registration..Never know when I’ll need them.
— Chris J. (Sacramento, CA)