quality ingredients

We are committed to providing the highest quality body wipes in the market, that's why our products are formulated in the U.S. and made in FDA approved facilities in the U.S., using the best ingredients nature has to offer.  


Some of the ingredients found in our 97% natural wipes:

Apple Extract:
Apple contains a phenolic compound called phloretin that prevents inflammatory compounds like IL-6 and prostaglandin E2 to be released in the skin after exposure to UV-B rays, thus protecting the skin cells.

Aloe leaf extract:
Aloe vera is known for it’s effects on stimulating collagen and hyaluronic production in skin via its sterols.

Chamomile flower extract:
Chamomile has proven effects against inflammation in the skin.

Cucumber extract:
Cucumber has cleansing action and removes accumulated pockets of old waste materials and toxins. It nourishes the skin, soothes skin irritations, and reduces swelling. Sunburnt skin is relived by cucumber.

Ginseng extract:
Korean red ginseng has been shown to prevent dermatitis.

Green tea leaf extract:
Green tea has antibacterial effects on the skin and prevents infections in wounds while it improves wound healing.

White tea leaf extract:
White tea has greater anti-wrinkle properties than green tea. It’s antibacterial as well.

Witch hazel extract:
Witch hazel contains polyphenol antioxidant that protect the skin from sunburn and photoaging.