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On The Go wipes are large 10 x 12 inch towel-like bath wipes with 70 GSM that clean, cool, moisturize and deodorize your body, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. Individually packaged in 3.5" x 4.5" water proof packets, you can easily pack them wherever you go. 


Our wipes were first created in 2011, when the founder of On The Go found himself in a situation where there was no shower available. Dissatisfied with the weak and ineffective products the market had to offer, he began a quest to create a solution strong enough to clean your whole body and moisturize your skin, without leaving your skin feeling sticky or dried out.

Since then, it has been our primary focus to provide our customers with the highest quality shower body wipe on the market.

With four different scents to choose from, there's an On The Go wipe suitable for every active lifestyle:

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Great Body Wipe for when you want to be incognito when it comes to scent, but don’t have the time to shower after sporting activity. Cools you down as well.


Exceptionally pleasant smell to revive you while you wipe away sweat at the gym or after sports. Cools you down. Great for business executives too.

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shower refresh

Use when no shower is available and you want to remove sweat, grime and dirt. A must for camping, traveling, marathons, outdoor events and sports. 

citrus refresh

The No Shower, Shower Wipe! Removes sweat, grime, dirt and gives you an extra edge with the tingling, fresh feeling from the scent of citrus.